Nature events

(calculated from Sortland. From Stokmarknes the trips will be ca 80 min. longer)

Tour 1 : Inga Sámi Siida
From 4 hours. Visit a Samish family. Learn about the Samish culture, reindeer farming and get a Samish lunch time.

Tour 2 : Walking in Sortland Vestmarka
From 4 hours. 5 min Bustour to “lysløypa i Vestmarka”. Here we will go for a 30 min walk where we learn about the birds we hear. We will have a stop and make our own fire and cook a coffee and eat some traditional tried fish and reindeer. On the way back it is possible to visit the Sortland church and have a short concert here.

Guiding 3 : Dronningruta (Queensway)
The Droningruta is the walkingtrail between Nyksund and Stø. We will go one way, eather from Stø to Nyksund or from Nyksund to Stø. Here we will learn about Vesterålens history. The way back we will go by a RIB to have a good view of the coastline of Vesterålen. (Guided by Discover Vesterålen)

Guiding 4 : Møysalen
The guides of the Møysalen center will take you up to the top of Vesterålen. More information at the Møysalen-homepage.